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  • She Does It Anyway

    A Sarah E. Miller Story

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She Does It Anyway

A Sarah E. Miller Story


A range of professional work and passion projects by Sarah E. Miller

About Sarah

Friendly, innovative and disciplined, I take initiative on projects and collaborative team- building with all different personality types. From creative writing to teaching ESL, I have a diverse and interesting background that is reflective of my passions and goals. My career objective is to find a creative-minded job that challenges me with engaging projects and intelligent individuals.

Sarah E. Miller

Writer / Author


  • "I love her style of writing and she fit exactly with what I needed."

    Joe Mathias, Mathias Inc.

  • "Sarah is a skilled copywriter, very pleasant to work with and communicative."

    Thalia Kemp, Caterwings

  • "Sarah writes fast and yet with a high quality, and with a peculiar creativity that make her texts unique."

    Paulo, IBERACTIV Marketing

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